Uday is a Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program conducted by FIED, IIM Kashipur. In 2019, it was a week-long program held at IIM Kashipur. Uday was designed to target and train rural entrepreneurs, Agri-preneurs and rural livelihood co-operatives.

Uday helped the participants to question the viability and feasibility of the product, which the participants were either planning or working on. The program introduced the participants to the basics of rural business and also opened the avenues of sources of funding. It also taught how to develop capacity and how to work with SHG/co-operatives more efficiently. The program introduced entrepreneurial marketing to the participants/SHG and helped them focus on the niche market to create a brand for themselves. Lastly, the program ensured that the participants understand more about hiring the right resources and a bit of
culture building.

FIED launched Uday program on the 2nd of March, 2020 and the program ended on 9th of March, 2020. There were 98 participants in the program. These participants were given lodging and food facilities. On 8th of March, there was an excursion to Garjia temple. On 9th of march, the program ended with felicitation.