The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Kashipur has been established with the objective of creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth of the nation, dispelling myths and uncertainties surrounding entrepreneurship. Created in the early months, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell has already taken rapid strides in cultivating entrepreneurial temper and has succeeded in carving a niche for itself.


It wants not only to ignite the minds but also to nurture the ideas of one of the most talented students of India. E-Cell IIM Kashipur is committed to build a strong platform for budding entrepreneurs. ‘Make Ideas Happen’ - This is what the E - Cell believes in during its journey of improving Indian startup ecosystem. The vision is to guide the students to take entrepreneurship as a career, as a path to success, as a journey of wisdom.


Give your entrepreneurial dreams wings flight with IIM Kashipur 


Entrepreneurship in India has really picked up pace in the last decade. But why?


Indian industries have long been crying out for innovations and the young leaders who were being groomed to take up this mantle recognized the signs and reacted. The past decade is full of success stories of inspiration and innovation - of individuals and teams who disrupted an entire industry or created a new one. People who thrived on the ability to be self-sufficient and create jobs for more people. The entrepreneurs of today have long been incubated by India throughout the years. An institution of national importance like IIM Kashipur is honored to play its role in promoting and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and practice.

Startup Network

The ever-expanding network of investors, startups, mentors, experts, incubators, and accelerators provides students with the opportunity to have hands-on learning to test their theoretical expertise against the practicalities of the industry.


The institution aids students in establishing direct contact with the Indian startup ecosystem to spur their thought process and provide them with the resources necessary to succeed in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Deferred Placements

IIM Kashipur encourages creative thinking and pursue their ideas. With the E-Cell taking charge, the institution is among the very few in the country to push for a deferred placements policy.


To push the students towards pursuing their entrepreneurial ventures full-time without giving them a dichotomy of stability to deal with, the students are allowed to work on their startup ideas full-time and in case they do not work out, the institution would stand with them to aid their entry into the industry.


The students are allowed to sit for placements at a later time and choose a different career path should they choose to do so. This provides students with a secure career path and is aimed at focusing their minds on the socio-economic problems of today.

Summer Internship Program

Putting complete faith in the entrepreneurial learning process, the E-Cell also allows students to push for their entrepreneurial dreams by opting out of the industry Summer Internship Program and instead work on their startups during this duration.


This has been officially included in the IIM Kashipur curriculum and is a major reason why a lot of startup-minded students choose IIM Kashipur over its contemporaries during the admission process.


CarEasy is a one-stop solution for hassle-free car repair, maintenance & Sanitization. We have started this company around 1 Year ago and generated revenue of 65 lakhs with 25% of the profit. We are currently operating in five cities ( Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Gurugram) and aiming to become the market leader in the industry in the next couple of years. 

Currently, We have team of 15 people's and my other Co-founder is an ex-employee of Tata motors with around 8 years of experience. We have collaboration with brand like OLA, Zoomcar, Flipkart, Park+ & Quickride. We have been incubated by Padup and we are soon raising our first seed fund. 

We find out exact problems being faced by students while appearing for any competitive exams, analyze the problems using educational analytical tools  and give customized solution till they find success. This way we are not imposing our solutions upon them unlike our major competitors. Students connect with the customized solution because it helps them.


We are dairy based startup started in the year 2018. We are exporters of dairy products and mainly Flavored Milk Beverage named Freezik. The flagship product of our company is Freezik Almond Delight.Freezik seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, fairly priced beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all.

Matraa is a political campaign assistance company mainly operational in Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and UP. We are looking to expand in other territories as well as help corporate clients design their communication strategy in near (not immediate) future.


UDTA TEER -  Started in Jan'20. We are the food truck that serves India's Largest and Tastiest Pizzas. We also serve the tastiest Pastas, Grilled items, burgers & Beverages in India. We are trying to revolutionize the food truck/Take Away restaurant industry in India. We will soon be launching Indian & Indo-Chinese cuisine too. Our Objective is to create the easiest to run, organized, world-class business model within the budget of most aspiring entrepreneurs to help change the lives of people associated with our great food and an even better franchise business model.  UDTA TEER - Leke Dekho!