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NOTE: FIED is not working as a middleman, we're just a facilitator to provide a wide range of products from our startups for commercialization. 

My Deck
A subscription e-commerce marketplace for learning STEM, Tinkering, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing & Coding for children age 5 to 15 years
BokUp Pro
BokUp Pro is a project of Dakshakriti in service sector which aims at skill development, employment and empowerment of the service providers. BokUp Pro is an online service marketplace that connects people to professional service providers from their local areas and professional service providers to their communities.
Aadhyn - Campus Accelerator Platform
Aadhyn - Campus Accelerator Platform is a unique Educational SaaS Platform with an impetus to create a data-driven campus by adapting AI-based methodologies.
Professional 3D Printing Course
Expert 3d printing course from Ultimaker and Illinois University. If you looking for a career in Design Engineering this course is for you.
Online Course
Offline Training
Hybrid Learning Module

12 Week Hands-on, Industrial Live Projects, Placement connect etc.
Nutrivate vegetable special
Nutrivate special are crop specific micronutrients design & special composition formula that fulfill all micronutrients requirement of crops. Which helps to reduce indiscriminate fertilizer application through soil. Hence reducess fertilizer application, provide as per plant need results iñ good quality, increase in yield.
9730841066; 9975019962
Mr. fish
Shrimp & Fish taste and nutrition enhancer & weight gainer


"We have innovated technology for manufacturing of shilajit from the latex of euphorbia royleana with the application
of biotechnology Polymerization and hydrothermolysis by adopting secondary agriculture of euphorbia royleana plants"
BoreCharger is a smart rainwater harvesting technique that increases rainwater recharge rate of a borewell by 4 to 20 times, improves quantum by 4 to 80 Lac Liters and enhances longevity by 1 to 6 months along with the water quality.
Model No. EA-120 (120LPD Aryav AWG )
Aryav AWG ( Atmospheric Water Generator ) is a device which is generating the pure form of drinking water from thin air. The quality of drinking water is more than 99% pure with pH value is more than 7.5 ( alkaline ) and with minerals in it. No plumbing is required, No water wastage and no input water is required. The cost of water generation is less than Rs.2 per Ltrs. This machine can generate water even at those places, where there is no water. Hence no dependency in Ground water and monsoon.
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Indian Institute of Management 
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Mr. fish

Shrimp & Fish taste and nutrition enhancer & weight gainer 8250537540 zelenceindustries@gmail.com