Startups selected under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana – Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rejuvenation (RKVY-RAFTAAR) 2020
UdyogYantra Technologies LLP

UdyogYantra Technologies through its Patent pending platform based on IIOT, ML & AI enables real time monitoring and control of Food, Agri and Farm supply chain & manufacturing operations solving the problem of Quality, Quantity and Traceability in the Food/Agri Operations.

Shivar Naturals Agro Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Shivar Naturals Agro-Innovation Pvt. Ltd. has ecosystem based process which is helpful for the distressed farming community in Osmanabad region. To up held from the uncertain climatic impacts, we are providing means of sustainable alternative resources to farmers. We have maintained our uniqueness and developed the Goat milk soap from Osmanabad’s goat milk. We also provide counselling and support on mental health issues to curb farmer suicide which is prevalent in the said region.

SURSONA Foods Pvt. Ltd.

SURSONA foods Pvt. Ltd. is a woman-led startup, emerged as the new trend to revolutionalize the Indian cooking with value-added agricultural products. It comprises different powders having natural pigments in it to boost the daily nutritional intake. Our vision is to add a "Colourful Dabba" of our powders as the essentials in indian kitchen.

S G Agtech Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

S G Agtech Innovations is a technology based agritech startup focussed on connecting the farming communities and collectives with the market players through modern technology. It aims at creation of knowledge and transfer of technology to agri communities so that there more value generated for agri produces at source.

Tirambhapur Askote Raj Ecosystem Pvt. Ltd.

TARE along with Kartavya Karma's Pahari Haat have created a multi-business and multi-nodal platform for commercializing the indigenous culture, taste and art-forms of Uttarakhand for the domestic and international audiences. Using the platform of existing SHGs and creating unique products that functionally integrate use of herbs and adaptogenic spices, herbals teas and others.

Vyorius Drones LLP

Vyorius simplifies unmanned operations by connecting the disconnected robots, wherever they are.

Suraitech Innovations LLP

Suraitech Innovations LLP is manufacuring highly valued anti-aging, rejuvenator and strong immunity boosting health supplement Shilajit . Innovated by the application of Biotechnological processes on the latex of euphorbia royleana plants. Three end Products Shilajit , Essential oil and Polymer for interior emulsion paint are developed from the same raw material.

Rhodotion International Pvt. Ltd.

Rhodotion is a social business based in India dedicated to empower small holder farmers and rural producers to boost the rural economy of India through regenerative natural farming practices. We add value to the produce and introduce some hidden indigenous novel food products from India to the world.

Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Private Limited is a Pune, INDIA based for–profit social impact start-up that develops Sustainable, Affordable, Scalable, Disruptive and Innovative Products & Solutions using cutting edge IT, IoT, Robotics, Mobile technologies to solve Water and Groundwater Issues

Navshali Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

We are developing IOT based solutions which improves DO level in Water and Saves 20% of Irrigation water and Energy, benefiting the farmer upto 30% cost reduction and better yield.


PoultryMon is a real time remote monitoring solution for Poultry hatcheries and farms to increase productivity and quality by enhancing visibility into the process using AI and IoT over mobile or web.

Oorvi Sustainable Concepts Pvt. Ltd.

Oorvi Sustainable Concepts is a social enterprise based in Hyderabad, IN. Through its flagship initiative HolyWaste, it strives to make economic sense out of floral waste. HolyWaste keeps out floral waste from polluting our land & water and generates employment for disadvantaged women.

Shri Bansi Gau Dham LLP

We're simply using cow-dung of homeless cows to create artifacts. These products are made of cow dung and having large applications in daily life.

Material Library of India

Material Library is an archive of agricultural and industrial waste. Dedicated to bring the conscious and responsible making / consumption to the forefront for new generation of businesses and professionals.

H2H Agri and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd.

Himalaya2Home is a Uttarakhand based start-up engaged in bringing the Goodness of Himalaya to the homes of consumers. With the tagline- 'Eat Right - Live Well - Be Well, our vision is to become a leading and competitive marketplace of Himalayan products, connecting farmers & artisans from the remotest corner of Himalayan Regions Across States to Urban Consumers, by forming direct partnerships with rural communities and use E-commerce to sell authentic products.

Bananature LLP

Bananature containers is a good alternative to all the synthetic and natural fibre. User friendly and economic . Less maintenance cost and safe to operate. Clean work atmosphere . Bio remediation agent for bacteria in natural water purifier. More important Bananature are fully biodegradable through composting in just 60 days.

KisanMandi Online Agri Market Pvt. Ltd.

KisanMandi Online Agri market Private Limited (KisanMandi.com) will provide full outsource dedicated marketing assistance to farmers from grading, packing, logistic support to sell their produce directly to end customers and farmers will get the best price of their agri produce as compared to current APMC mandi price .

IrriClay Technologies LLP

During day to day activities, many people often forget to water their plants, and thus it becomes challenging for them to keep their plants healthy and alive. Clarri aims to implement an automatic watering system for home gardens, using small potted plants with minimal human intervention.

Innovative Machineries Agro India Pvt. Ltd..

We manufacture affordable, accessible, economical & efficient machines which can increase productivity and hence the livelihood of farmers.

InfyU Labs Pvt. Ltd.

We are an agritech startup developing handheld technologies that can determine the quality of perishable Fruits & Vegetables non-invasively, thereby ensuring Food Safety and saving Food Wastage occur at the different level of the supply chain of the Food Value Chain.

Halestein Foodlabs LLP

HALESTEIN FOODLABS LLP offers100% natural, handcrafted, functional food and beverages prepared from completely traditional Indian agricultural produce as well as agricultural waste such as mango peel with no added preservatives or additives.In order to create nutritional awareness the startup offers consultancies and nutrition and lifestyle modification workshops.

Gramshree Development Services Pvt. Ltd.

Gramshree is working to impact lives of tribal families by intervening in Custard Apple and Jamun value chain, establishing food processing unit in Tribal villages. Ensure additional income from sale of fruits and seasonal employments. Uses solar technology for cold chain and new technology to increase shelf life of pulp.

Greenovate Agrotech pvt ltd

We are also providing biofertilizer & biofungicide in innovative method i.e. encapsulated bio-fertilizer & tricoderma. these are PGPR & Tricoderma capsules without carrier material & good storage capasity at ambient storage. Neem spark is also as innovative product for control of insect & pest. Company aiming to become multinational in within upcoming 5 years with its innovative products.

Geecom India Services Pvt. Ltd.

GeeCom India' is a transparent and democratic platform which connects Farmers and Rural Entrepreneurs (Sellers / Producers/ Crafters) to the Consumers, City, Businesses and Industries. Our platform empowers Farmers and Rural Entrepreneurs to Setup ‘Online Shop’ just in 15 minutes and sell directly to end consumer therefore Improved Income.


FinanceKaart.com is An AI driven next generation neutral marketplace Bank for instant customized rate quotes on loans/credit cards & other financial products & provides credit access to MSMEs and Farmers who are under-served / un-served from the formal sector and works as a financial match- making platform with unique algorithm along with alternative credit data decisions.

CR Esperanto LLP

CR Esperanto deals in Agro products, helping farmers on one side by providing them training and market linkage to improve their livelihood and helping urban buyers on the other side by providing them natural, pure & authentic food options.

Drinktales Products LLP

Drinktales offers a range of premium non-alcoholic cocktail mixers. Our vision is to develop innovative products to make get-togethers' and travels convenient and fun for our smart, curious and cocktail-passionate audience. Drinktales believes in adding value to agricultural produce converting them into tasteful, refreshing mixers.

CG Innovations

We are an AgriTech who is trying to leverage modern technologies to make Agricultural Practices more convenient, efficient, more productive. We mainly leverage on technologies like IoT, Data Analytics, ML to digited the traditional Agronomist knowledge. Digitized knowledge brings in accuracy in the practice and easily scalable.

Centyle Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Centyle Biotech offers customized Bio-technologies solution for sustaining its leadership in Agricultural Biotechnology. We serve the farmers to increase their farming efficiency in terms of innovation and self-Empowerment. In addition, our R&D team continuously trying to develop innovative solutions for social betterment and to bring biotechnology to its new horizon globally.

Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters is a carbon management company that has developed an innovative way to convert organic waste into climate friendly bio-CNG and organic fertilizer. Our products enable farmers to reduce their use of chemical fertilisers, return carbon and essential microorganisms to the soil leading to increased yields and incomes.

GR Agritek Labs Pvt. Ltd.

We are a team of technocrats from the field of Biotechnology & Agritechnology with experience in varied fields such as Automation, Drones, Embedded systems who have come together to improve the life of our humble farmers with the advent of innovative approach towards technology in agriculture.

AgriFox Smart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Agrifox Smart solution came up with an Innovative “Farming-as-a-Service Model”. We provide an year round solution to Farmers directly which includes services ranging from Seeding to Harvesting and Market Selling. Our Services integrate completely with the traditional crop cycle. Our aim is to increase farmers yield by using various technologies at each stage of crop cycle.

Gratize Venture Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Pashushala.com is an eCommerce marketplace to trade livestock and related products and services. It's a comprehensive ecosystem that connects buyers, sellers, veterinary doctors, livestock insurers, transporters, finances, feed manufacturers, etc. together in a managed environment that instills trust and assures quality. It's an innovative business model to unlock the value and income-generating potential from livestock.