Startups selected under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana – Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rejuvenation (RKVY-RAFTAAR) 2019
AgroNxt Services Pvt. Ltd.

AgroNxt is an Agriculture-technology Startup that develops products and services driven by AI for farmers. It has animal disseminators, wild animal repellants, solar insect traps, along with an online service app, FAARM, which uses satellite imagery, weather data to predict weather conditions and help the farmers in their farming processes. It also sends recommendations through the app.

Loopworm Pvt. Ltd.

Loopworm generates feed from organic resources; it generates the feed from the insects which are grown by Loopworm itself. Then it take the insects for processing and extracts the protein out of them, which is the major source of the feed. These extracts are then used by the feed manufacturers in order to produce a feed containing balance diet.

Vinspire Agrotech India Pvt. Ltd.

Vinspire Agrotech sells innovative farm equipment to farmers. With an extensive product catalogue of more than 15 offerings, the startup has established itself as one of the leaders in the agri-tech space. In fact, the startup wants to be a one stop destination for all agricultural products. Anjil Jain cofounded the startup and focuses on the R&D aspect of the venture.

Anati Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Unati connects buyers to suppliers through a digital platform where both the parties have the liberty to freely communicate with each other and also be able to place their orders easily ensured by quality assurance. This platform ropes in the Buyers, Suppliers, Banks (which also provide additional reliability value by providing information regarding transaction viability with suppliers), logistics, insurance and quality checks; everyone under one umbrella.

Mastery Infotech is a waste management, social enterprise which processes solid waste through a scientific model that’s environmentally and financially sustainable. It offers professional waste collection and processing services to households, corporate clients and waste pickers. Since late 2016, it has averted over 3,000 tons of waste from dumpsites. It has customized its services to suit the requirements of corporate waste. It provides complete accountability of the waste picked up.

MarketYard Agrisolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Marketyard Agrisolution provides an online app based platform that connects all the stakeholders of farming. The most promising feature of the app is to connect the farmers with the wholesaler or a big business dealer in their market which will help to cut the cost of middlemen. Another promising feature of the app is farmers can post their queries directly into the app, and any other user, who has an answer to the posted query, can get in touch with the former.

Krishi Acharya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bijak is an online app that provides a B2B data & rating platform. It gives buyers and sellers better prices, increases working capital, and optimizes logistics in agriculture space through its AI based rating mechanism. Bijak is created to solve trust deficit issues with the vision of ‘Optimization through accountability’. It plans to use this app generated rating data to lend buyers, through financial institutions, for their working capital requirements.

Him shakti LLP

Himshakti; a startup by Harshit and Ando Cloe, a French national; processes and markets many indigenous products, mainly found in the hills, starting from salt to wool. However, the main aim of the startup is humanitarian.

Greenways Agro Consulting Services

Organic vegetables sale like hot cakes. However, the issue is it’s highly priced due to the huge demand for it. In such a case, why not to grow your own organic products at your home only? Mr. Venkata Krishnan, the founder of the startup- Greenways Agro Consultancy Services, offers pick & pack package product for terrace kitchen gardening. This product helps in growing 30 variety of vegetables on your own terrace and it just takes a space of around 70 square feet.

Farm Origin Agro-science Pvt. Ltd.

Haldivita is a balanced mixture of ingredients which boosts the effect of curcumin, known for its powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and pain reducing properties. Moreover, it is a very strong antioxidant. The company grows a special type of turmeric called Suvarna in the hills near Badrinath, Himalayas that is extensively used in the manufacturing of Haldivita.

Enviraj Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

In India 80% of the water consumed is for agriculture. Being one of the water deficient nations, it consumes much more than what is being replenished by the nature. In such a situation, modern irrigation technology is the need of the hour and that’s precisely what Enviraj does. Enviraj uses IOT based drip irrigation system to monitor and control water usage. It also facilitates easy metering and controlling of fertilizers.

India is the country of agriculture, and farmers are the backbone of the agriculture industry. However, it is not a hidden fact that farmers constantly face struggle and economic poverty. While there are numerous reasons behind the plight of farmers, one of them is the lesser mechanization of farming and high costs of equipment. Garuda wants to be a venture that bridges this gap by providing mechanical products to the farmers that reduce the input costs in farm and enhance the per unit yield.

This startup manufactures Agricultural Stone Removal Machine that comprises a slanted metal sheet which is pivoted deep into the soil, and the mixture of the soil and stones are transferred to the strainer section. The strainer continuously oscillates and separates the stones from the soil. The soil falls down in the farm and separated stones are transferred to the collector section. Stones assemble in the collector which are then discarded at an appropriate place.

Greenpod Labs Pvt. Ltd.

This startup is working on a smart packaging solution which consists of active materials to increase the durability of the farm products. The product would potentially be placed over the fruit/vegetable crates, and a controlled environment would be created to increase the durability of the products inside the crate.

Kuninda Agro Pvt. Ltd.

This start-up is selling organic mustard to cater to this demand. All these products are vegan, basically meaning that nothing comes from animals, jaggery and several such substitutes are used as substitutes instead of honey. The intention of doing that is to make the production model sustainable and to ensure that the ingredients can be grown and manufactured locally, thereby allowing quality control and giving traditional crops/ingredients a new usage.

Brown Soil Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Brown Soil is an online platform app that enables kirana store owners to connect with farmers as well as with the consumers. This app ensure fair pricing, ethical practices, and quick payment for all the parties concerned. It would also empower the kirana stores to optimize their stock levels and forecast future demands through consumer insights, analytics. Through this app, Kirana stores would achieve high sales based on efficient ordering and on-time delivery, and cost minimization through inv

Beautilishiya Products Pvt. Ltd.

Organiko Beautifying Life is a social-innovation which is manufacturing and selling skin care products made of donkey milk. Donkey milk products are not explored in India, as people are superstitious and are unknown to the benefits of donkey milk. It is a proven remedy for all age groups and skin types as it has high levels of proteins, phospholipids and ceramides which helps to regenerate skin.

Neoli International Pvt. Ltd.

Neoli is a boutique firm specializing in home made products that are derived from Hemp. Hemp is considered as a super crop and it can be used to produce food, cloth, construction materials, paper, and many more products. The flagship product of Neoli is Hemp Seed Oil. People at Neoli believe that Hemp Seed Oil is one stop solution for consumption and personal care, both. The other product of Neoli is Hemp Hearts, which can be used in various type of food combinations.

Zelence Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Zelence Industries is a pro-organic producer of agricultural, farm and industrial products. It sells directly to the farmers. It’s into many products. Mr. Fish, one of its products, solves the problem of maintaining the quality and quantity of fishes which can be cultured by farmers amidst rising costs. The Poultry Drinking Water Solution helps to decrease the high rate of poultry mortality (510%) to 2% due to Escherichia coli and other enteric microbial pathogen related disease. Similar innovat

IndusTill Farmtech Pvt. Ltd.

IndusTill Farmtech wants to help the farmers with a machine which is easily affordable and is controlled by machines, rather than hand held by the farmers. Some of the features of the power tiller are: The product has 95% year-around-usability and helps the farmers to be self-sustainable. It reduces the labor cost by 50% and total input cost by 40%. Same operational efficiency and effectiveness as that of other power tillers from MNCs.

Greenday Farmers solution Pvt. Ltd.

Greenday is a retail platform through which farmers can procure all agricultural inputs, can have access to accurate information/feedback on agricultural inputs, as well as can have direct communication access to agriculture experts. The startup has partnered with several brands, including multinational companies to provide raw materials, seeds, fertilizers, implements and other agricultural inputs.