Drishti, an acceleration and incubation program at FIED under the Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India will be launched in April, 2020. This program allows seemingly matured startups to accelerate their growth instead of getting plateaued after a year
or so, a phase that kills most of the startups in India. This program comes under Dept. of Science and Technology. Due to the ongoing confusion because of the pandemic, we have two legs of this program; the first one is 2 months online program that will start from 17th August 2020 then all the DST startups, the ones who would be selected, are going to be a part of the Investor’s Meet (Proposed in January 2021) where some of the biggest names in the world of Investment are coming this year.

The term ‘acceleration’ has a broad definition within the Startup community. Moreover, as accelerators are still a new and innovative way of developing startups, the model is in flux and this means that precise definitions can be difficult to pin down. However, FIED broadly will assist these startups to scale up.